“Own Specialty or Own Occupation” Disability coverage means that due to sickness or injury, you are unable to perform the material and substantial duties of your specialty even if you are working in another specialty or occupation. 

Callahan Financial Group's approach is to work with physicians as consultants and not sales people.  We have designed a streamlined online process for physicians to obtain the proper coverage to save time and to educate our physicians about a personal design and budget to match each individual's needs.  

For a quote or comparison to your current coverage, please select Request a Quote from above menu and Disability insurance from the drop down menu.

Don’t just rely on Group Coverage or coverage offered through your Professional Medical Association as these plans are often taxable; not guaranteed; subject to premium increases; and not considered by medical professionals as adequate “Own-Specialty” coverage.

Callahan Financial has developed many relationships over the past 25 years and is able to offer discounts to physicians from 15-50% at state and national levels.  Discounts also apply for physician affiliation with hospitals and medical centers.